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News Release

For Immediate Release
November 2, 2010

Bud Fitch, Deputy Attorney General
(603) 271-1238

City of Portsmouth Polling Places to Stay Open to 8:00 pm

Due to discrepancies in the information explaining the times of the close of the polling places in Portsmouth, at 6:50 pm, the Superior Court issued an order extending the polling hours from 7 pm to 8 pm. A Google search displayed a Secretary of State's document showing the closing time at 8 pm despite the current Secretary of State's Web site listing the closing time as 7 pm. Given the possible confusion to voters and the State's desire to ensure that all voters are allowed the opportunity to cast their ballots, this extension is necessary. The Democratic Party filed the petition to extend the hours and both the Republican Party and the Attorney General consented to the relief.

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