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News Release

For Immediate Release
October 21, 2010

K. Allen Brooks, Senior Assistant Attorney General
(603) 271-3679

Seabrook Station License Renewal Application

The Attorney General has reached an agreement with NextEra Energy Seabrook, the operator of the Seabrook Station nuclear facility in Seabrook, New Hampshire concerning a number of issues relating to its application for re-licensing. Under this agreement, the State has secured NextEra's commitment to undertake additional monitoring and assessment of key systems and components at Seabrook Station. The State has also preserved its ability to participate in any hearing that the NRC decides to hold on the re-licensing application.

According to Attorney General Michael Delaney, the State conducted an extensive review of NextEra's application and engaged in discussions with NextEra officials over the past several weeks in an effort to identify ways in which NextEra could enhance the monitoring and assessment of Seabrook Station to continue to ensure the plant's safety into the future. The State and NextEra agreed to terms relating to assessing the condition of underground piping, monitoring and repairing fiberglass components, committing to follow specified aging management programs for heat sensitive components, incorporating groundwater monitoring in its buried pipe aging management program, developing a plan for implementing a metals leaching aging management program, and developing a revised ageing management plan for protective coatings inside the reactor containment.

Seabrook Station generates 1,245 mw of power. Its original operating license issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission ("NRC") expires in 2030. Recently, in accordance with federal regulations, Seabrook applied to extend its license for an additional 20-years to 2050. As a result of the agreement, the State will not independently seek a hearing before the NRC on the re-licensing application.

"The State of New Hampshire is satisfied that with the commitments made by NextEra, the license renewal should go forward," said Attorney General Delaney. "The commitments made by the Company have satisfied us that Seabrook Station can be safely operated for the extended period."

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