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Attorney General's Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect and Governor's Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence Partnering for a Future Without Violence Conference

Below are links to conference materials that presenters have provided to our office.

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NH Domestic and Sexual Violence Crisis Center Catchment Areas

Seminar 4 -Domestic Violence 101
Domestic Violence 101
Power and Control Wheel
Tips for support of Victims of DV

Seminar 6 - Criminal Case Law Update
State v. Paul A. Costella
State v. Brian Craig
John Doe v. State
State v. William Gaudet
State v. Ashley Hayward
State v. Timothy McKenna
State v. Justin L Roy
State v. Robert Towle

Seminar 9 - When a Child Takes it Back

Seminar 10 - Overcoming Intimidation
The Keystone of Human Trafficking

Seminar 11 - Identifying the Predominant Aggressor
Why the Abused Should Not Become the Accused
Law Enforcement Investigation Areas
Domestic Violence Model Policy
She Hit Me Too
Domestic Violence Investigation
Domestic Violence Police Report Supplement

Seminar 14 - Elder Financial Exploitation: Developing Collaborative Responses
It's All About the Money-Developing Collaborative Responses
RSA 631:8-10
HB 1555
Bibliography Suggestions

Seminar 19 - Ethical Considerations for Prosecutors in Sexual Violence Cases

Seminar 20 - New Stragies in Investigating and Prosecuting Elder Financial Abuse Cases
RSA 631: 8-10
HB 1555
Mini-cog Assessment Scoring Form
New Strategies in Investigating and Prosecuting Elder Finanicial Abuse - Panel

Seminar 21 - Vicarious Trauma: Impact on the Self and the Workplace
Vicarious Trauma and Self Care

Seminar 23 - Fatal Distractions: Kids in Cars - Prosecuting Negligent Parents

Seminar 24 - Lethality Assessment Program
LAP Screen

Seminar 25 - The Role of Local Welfare in the Safety Net for Victims
Role of Local Welfare
RSA 165

Seminar 26 - Investigating and Prosecuting Rape and Sexual Abuse Cases in Confinement

Seminar 30 - Best Practices for Working with LGBTQ Clients
Bias/Barriers to Services
LBGT Power and Control Wheel

Seminar 31 - Joshua's Law
Side by Side Comparison of DV Law to Current Laws
Chapter 152, Senate Bill 318 Final Version
Sentencing Form

Seminar 33 - Introducing Expert Testimony to Dispel Myths in Sexual Violence Cases

Seminar 34 - Worker Safety on Home Visits

Seminar 35 - Working With Vulnerable Victims

Seminar 36 - Children, Trauma and Impacts of Exposure to Violence
Reducing the Effects of Trauma in Families Exposed to Violence

Seminar 38 - Assessing Aggression and Supporting Survivors: Intimate Partner Violence in the LGBTQ Community
LBGT Power and Control Wheel
Screening and Assessment

Seminer 40 - What Happens After Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit is Delivered to the Forensic Lab?
Sexual Assault Evidence FAQs

Seminar 42 - Legislative Review Panel

Seminar 45 - Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys/Adolescent Males

Seminar 47 - Case Study: State V. John Doe - Prosecuting a Domestic Violence Case Without the Victim

Seminar 48 - Sustance Use/Abuse in the Context of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Trauma
Model for Women's Sustance Abuse

Seminar 51 - Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys/Adolescent Males (A repeat-Please see Seminar 45)

Seminar 52 - Shifting Boundaries - Lessons on Relationships for Students in Middle School: A Training Workshop
Part 1

Seminar 53 - The Danger of When Animal Abuse Co-Occurs with Family Violence: Strategies and Policies for Keeping Families Safe
Sheltering Animals & Families Together-Start up Manual
Understanding the Link Between Violence to Animals and People

Seminar 54 - Recognition and Best Practices for Preventing Vicarious/Secondary Trauma
What About You?

Seminar 55 - Reduce our Stress with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Seminar 58 - How Therapy Animal Programs Can Benefit Your Work with Maltreated Children: Strategies for Successful Implementation of CAC's, Prosocutor's Offices and Courthouses
Therapy Animals Supporting Kids Program Manual
How Therapy Animal Programs Can Benefit YOur Work with Maltreated Children

Seminar 59 - Shifting Boundaries - Lessons on Relationshipsfor Students in Middle School: A Training Workshop Part 2

Keynote Address: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Children Exposed to Domestic Violence

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